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The Hanna Bengtsson Fund

Hanna Bengtsson

Hanna Bengtsson was a very active and enthusiastic member of our organization and respected board member.

At our last annual meeting Hanna was very positive to a proposal for establishing a new fund to help individuals or groups in need of microloans.

We have, therefore, instituted such a fund in memory of Hanna who passed away on December 26, 2009. The recipients of this fund will be young adults leaving the Children’s Home and wishing to start their own small businesses. This may even apply to others living in the Shangilia neighborhood.

The loans are to be repaid at an agreed-upon date whereupon the loan will be passed to another recipient. This will all be administered by the director of the home or a special administrator and reported to our organization here in Sweden.

February 20, 2010
Hanna’s friends and colleagues have donated 22,000.00 Skr in her memory.

Friends of Shangilia p.g. 44000 89-1, mark the inpayment form "Hanna Bengtsson-fonden"

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