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Tumshangilieni mtoto! Let's rejoice for the child!

Tumshangilieni, previous known as Shangilia, is a children's home-school-theater for 240 children in Kangemi, a slum in Nairobi.

In addition to academic studies the children have the opportunity to learn singing, dancing, music, drama, acrobatics and tae-kwondo. There is also a choir and a brass band. The home was founded in 1994 by the actress Anne Wanjugu and since then the Shangilia children have become the voice of the street-children.

Anne Carlsvi with some of the children from Shangilia
Anne Carlsvi with some of the children from Shangilia

Friends of Shangilia, (FoS), Sweden
The organization was started by Anne Carlsvi who learned of the home while visiting a friend in Kenya. The group is a network of friends and neighbors.

We will continue to use the previous name Shangilia in our organization, because it is so well known amongst our benefactors.

How can you help?
If you wish to help support the children of Shangilia you can become a member by donating 200 Swedish kronor per year or donating any amount you wish to:
Friends of Shangilia plusgiro 4400089-1

*Keep in mind that we have no administrative costs.

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