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Tumshangilieni/Shangilia, more photos spring 2011

Shuvian is the newest family member at Tumshangilieni/Shangilia
Foto: ©Tumshangilieni/Shangilia
Njenga and Mercy
Njenga and Mercy. Mercy will be teaching music.
Photo: ©Tumshangilieni/Shangilia
The dance instructor Lillian
Lillian, the dance instructor, to the far right
Photo: ©Tumshangilieni/Shangilia
Laundry and football
There is not much space in the yard. The laundry needs to be hung although a football game is taking place.
Photo: ©Tumshangilieni/Shangilia
The girls have been dancing
The girls after they danced for a tour group
Photo: ©Tumshangilieni/Shangilia
Football team
Telkom, orange, presented the kids with uniforms for participating in the football tournament at Kariobongi.
Photo: ©Tumshangilieni/Shangilia
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